Office File List Template

Office work is tedious and tiring. All of the information in an office is stored in the form of office files. You must store your office information in a careful manner, so as there is no chance of any information being lost. One of the best ways to store office information is in the form […]

Candidate List Template

A candidate list is used for various purposes. A candidate list is a type of a list that gives us information about the individuals who are ideal candidates for a job. In politics a candidate list refers to the list of individuals who register themselves for the voting procedure. A candidate list can also refer […]

To Do List Templates

To do list templates are now very famous all over the world. They have proven their worthiness not only in business but also in ordinary course of life. There are many online web resources which are providing task related lists, but here we are providing MS Word ready made to do list for our users. […]

Shareholder List Template

An shareholder list template is an important list which shows the real owner’s names who bought the shares of company. Shareholder list template is prepared at the time when company sells their shares in the market and after than the company prepared a list of all the shareholders to whom they allocated shares. A Shareholder list […]

Student List Template

An student list template is prepared to show the accurate number of students in the school. This list helps management to understand the strength of students in school and how much further facilities are required to meet the demand. Student list template may be prepared on the monthly, quarterly basis to up to date their record. The […]

Reference List Templates

Reference list templates are the need of time because no business can survive without references. These are, no doubt, very significant for any business thus a must have list. A reference list template basically shows the real contacts for multiple tasks like for marketing, for sales or for promotion etc. A reference list is usually prepared […]

Supplier List Template

A supplier list template is very essential and basic document for the company which shows all the products of the company which actually supplies by the company to the customer. This supplier list template contains information like; name of the company, name of the product, name the supplier, quantity of the product and the signature of the […]

Checklist Templates

Checklist templates are very essential and significant lists as far as business documentation is concerned. These lists are used to show the important task to do in the initial stage either it was for basic purposes or some serious tasks like to run a company. Using a checklist template as a tool to meet all your urgent piece […]

Employee List Template

An employees list template is an important and official list which shows details of employees which are on payroll. All those employees who wish to register on company’s payroll must go on probationer period which may be vary from three months to eight months or a full year. Upon completion of this period, HR department of […]

Packing List Templates

A packing list template is an important list which usually shows all the items which actually going to be packed and sent to the other party. A packing list format shown the regular product or items list wise which give running turn over. A packing list template contains several authentic information like; name of company, name […]