School Result List Template

A school result list can be considered as one of the most important documents in the school administration. It is vital that the school result list remains secret till the school result day. The school result list should not be made openly; otherwise everyone will know the result of the school, before the school result […]

Winner Name List Template

Every day there are thousands of contests, competitions and tournaments that will have hundreds of winners. The organizers make a winner name list in order to keep track of the winners. Making a winner name list is a very good concept as it lets you to have a record of your winners for a long […]

FAQ List Template

FAQ which is also known as frequently asked questions or in cases just question and answers, which is abbreviated as Q&A. these are a set of listed questions and answers, which are normally asked in some context, relating to a particular topic or subject. A FAQ section or the section for frequently asked question is […]

Class Lesson List Template

A class lesson list will give you information about the lessons that you will be teaching in your class. A class lesson list help you in making your lesson plans easily and without any hassle. A class lesson list should be flexible, so you can add or remove items from it if necessary. If you […]

Allotment List Template

Allotment lists are used worldwide by different institutes for various purposes. Schools, colleges and universities may use an allotment list to write down the names of the individuals who got their admission in the institute. You can use allotment list for assigning rooms to students in a hostel. You can also use allotment list for […]

Admission List Template

An admission list is one of the most important documents in the administration office. Admission list is mostly used by schools, colleges, universities or any other educational facility. An admission list contains the names of those individuals which qualify to attend the classes by the concerned educational facility, after they fulfill the pre-determined requirements of […]

To Do List Templates

To do list templates are now very famous all over the world. They have proven their worthiness not only in business but also in ordinary course of life. There are many online web resources which are providing task related lists, but here we are providing MS Word ready made to do list for our users. […]

Shareholder List Template

An shareholder list template is an important list which shows the real owner’s names who bought the shares of company. Shareholder list template is prepared at the time when company sells their shares in the market and after than the company prepared a list of all the shareholders to whom they allocated shares. A Shareholder list […]

Student List Template

An student list template is prepared to show the accurate number of students in the school. This list helps management to understand the strength of students in school and how much further facilities are required to meet the demand. Student list template may be prepared on the monthly, quarterly basis to up to date their record. The […]

School Admission List Template

A school admission list template is an important and official document which shows the true and actual ration of the students for newly admission in the school. When admission starts in school, the list of vacant seats is displayed at school. Along with admission details, this list also includes other valuable information like last date […]