Vendor List Template

A vendor list is prepared by the company’s purchasing supervisor. Vendor list is a helpful way to keep track of all of the information and details about the vendors. With the help of the help of the vendor list one can easily contact them, using the provided contact details. A vendor list is used to […]

School Result List Template

A school result list can be considered as one of the most important documents in the school administration. It is vital that the school result list remains secret till the school result day. The school result list should not be made openly; otherwise everyone will know the result of the school, before the school result […]

Passenger On Board List Template

Passenger on board list is very essential these days. With the help of the passenger on board list, we can quickly find out the name of the people on board of train, airplane, ship or any transport. A passenger on board list is vital, as with the help of this list we can identify any […]

Partner List Template

In every corporation, company or organization there are partners. With the help of the partners the corporation, company or any organizations grows better and more quickly. Partners come together in the time of need to keep the business afloat. Whenever we start a new business we are looking for new partners. People promote their business […]

Winner Name List Template

Every day there are thousands of contests, competitions and tournaments that will have hundreds of winners. The organizers make a winner name list in order to keep track of the winners. Making a winner name list is a very good concept as it lets you to have a record of your winners for a long […]

Movie Show List Template

Movies are seen and enjoyed worldwide. Every day there is thousands of movie show. People will select the movie show according to taste. You can find movie show these days form all types of genre, including, Sci-Fi, fantasy, drama, thriller, documentary, action, adventure, musical, comedy and etc. With the help of a movie show list […]

Milestone Achievement List Template

Milestone refers to an important event in one’s life. Commonly a milestone is considered to be a fresh start, a beginning of a new chapter in one’s life. For example, high school graduation day, wedding or getting a job. A milestone achievement list refers to a type of list, which is used to denote all […]

Inventory Inspection List Template

It is essential for the business owners to have an effective inventory inspection list; however an inventory inspection list can also become useful at home as well. With the help of an inventory inspection list you can keep track of all of your personal possessions, which you have in your store. You can also plan […]

FAQ List Template

FAQ which is also known as frequently asked questions or in cases just question and answers, which is abbreviated as Q&A. these are a set of listed questions and answers, which are normally asked in some context, relating to a particular topic or subject. A FAQ section or the section for frequently asked question is […]